Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Teaching Entrelac

Two of the ladies in my class at the Senior Center have been begging me to teach them entrelac. One of them wants to make a bag like the suede entrelac bag that I have been brining to class, and one of them wants to make entrelac hand towels to travel with. She doesn't like to use hotel towels on her face or hair. We only had one class left in the summer session and that was today. I knew if I got them started during their last class, then I would need to hand them some very detailed directions, or they would be stuck until September.
I decided to write the pattern for the hand towel, and make one for my downstairs bathroom at the same time. The towel ring is often empty, and I thought if there was a dedicate towel for that bathroom, maybe it would stay there!

I photographed my work step by step for their directions. It took a while, but I am happy with how the pattern turned out. I didn't finish my sample in time to have a "real" finished photo for the first page, so I doctored the above photo in Photoshop to create a filler photo. Once I finish, and put a real photo in, I'll make the pattern available. Maybe that can be my pattern for the week.

The ladies both did very well today. They finished the base row of triangles and half of the first tier. Neither one of them could read a pattern 6 weeks ago, and today they both told me that they thought it made sense and they would be OK to continue on their own. I'm curious to see how much they finish by the time we start up again in September!


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you LOVE your entrelac patterns!

cici said...

that would be great, I learned entrelac ages ago , but forgot how to do it. It was a bit confusing. I still have a unfinished scarf on the needles that I need to complete.