Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zipper Trauma Over

I found a site called Zipper Stop where you can custom order zippers from the YKK color card in any color and any length that you need for reasonable prices. I needed zippers for my boys sweaters and couldn't find them locally. They were only $2.50 or so each online plus shipping, so I figure why not try them out? If my money disappeared or if I got the wrong color/length zipper, it wouldn't be a huge loss.

Well, I got a confermation e-mail from them quickly including a tracking number for my package. The zippers arrived 3 days later (from NY) and were exactly what I had ordered!! These guys will get all of my business from now on. I think shipping ended up being $3, but I would have spent that on gas going to JoAnn or the Fabric District.

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