Monday, July 14, 2008

Sheldon is Born

I had a 2 hour car ride up to Big Bear on Friday, and a 2 hour return trip today. I was finally able to finish a Sheldon!

No - I didn't finish the green one that I started a few weeks ago, I finished the blue one that I started last week. Why you ask? Even though the missing green leg did show up in the mail in time for my trip, I ended up leaving the turquoise yarn at home. Why would I need turquoise yarn if all I had to do was sew on the legs? While knitting the blue Sheldon, I realized I had misread the pattern when making the underside of the green Sheldon's shell. I am so ridiculously anal, that I ripped apart the shell pieces, frogged the underside and re-knit it. Now I have to go through the extremely slow process of sewing them back together complete with a new attached I-cord. I did learn something though. I made the new under piece with the smaller size 5 needles. I think it will help the shell to keep it's domed shape better than the size 6 knitting is doing with the blue version.

Jackson loves his new pet. He started playing with him as soon as the pictures were taken. He is happy with the name "Sheldon" and has already started pretending that he is a prehistoric Ice Age turtle.

I am still quite tickled that Sheldon has a removable shell!

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