Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Zeland Hand-dyed Yarn

My parents spent last February in New Zealand for business. When they came back, they brought my brothers both beautiful hand-knit throws. I, of course got 600 grams of hand-spun bulky weight wool yarn, so that I could dye (or leave natural), and knit my own. I am thinking of knitting an Aran throw out of it, and leaving it natural colored.

Well, my parents had more surprises up their sleeve. They came with us Saturday night to see a play that my dear friend Courtney was starring in. After the play, they came back to our place with an amazing chocolate lovers cake and a bag full of MORE New Zealand yarn.

This is hand painted worsted weight wool yarn from JJ's Specialty Yarns. It matches my living room PERFECTLY. I think it is begging to become felted entrelac throw pillows for my red leather sofa. It was hand painted by a woman named Jan Gilray. Apparently she stopped doing it commercially and these were the last 2 skeins in the shop that my mother went to. What an extra special find.
This is hand-dyed worsted weight raw silk yarn in the exact colors of the quilt that I made for my bedroom. She was thinking that I may want to make a throw for the chair in my bedroom, but I already have one that is about 75% finished in these exact colors. I want to find something very special to make with this yarn. I wear these colors a lot as well, so it may need to become a cardigan or something. It is itching to become something in entrelac as well - so maybe a handbag with a matching scarf?? We'll see. . .

This was produced by a woman in New Zealand named Anna Gratton who raises sheep, spins, and dyes her own yarn. My mother has been to her (farm? workshop? mill? - what do you call it?) a few times and worships the woman. I would love to meet her, and maybe BE her one day.

This colorway is called “Paua” is named after a native mother-of-pearl type shell that has these same rich jewel-toned colors.


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mel said...

OOh, Sunny! We sell that yarn at work and it is beeudiffuuul!!! They also have it in Mohair (12ply) and Boucle (also 12 ply)! Let me know if you want any and I will use my staff discount for you. Only 20% I'm afraid... A lot of our customers use it for scarves etc. (2 rows smooth, 2 rows mohair and 2 rows of Boucle). BTW, we also have Condi here at the mo, and she has been hanging out at local cafes! Very small fry of her, I must say!