Monday, June 9, 2008

Yikes! Too Many New Ideas I Want to Try!

1. I have been itching to make socks, and itching to do more dying, and trying to figure out how in the world to make self-striping yarns.

I went on to Knit Picks this morning, and found these amazing sock blanks with a groovy tutorial. The best part is, you are dying 2 strands at once, so your socks will be identical, especially if knit 2 at a time.

Now I need to rally a few people to try this out with me. It looks like it would be a fun group project. I just hope the sock blanks are long enough for knee-high socks. I seem to only be wearing ankle socks and knee highs these days. Calf high socks don't seem to work on my legs.

2. The next project I want to try is this little Elephante guy. Isn't it the cutest thing?? I want to make a few of these for my kids. I saw a picture on Toni's blog of one she had made and fell in love with it. Toni is one of the ladies in the Monthly Bookmark KAL group. She sent such a sweet e-mail, so I checked out her blog and notebook on Ravelry. She's made some really fun projects.

I think this Elephante will look cute in tonal stripes too. I need to make a purple/lilac one for Charlotte, a lime/kelly one for Mikey, and a 2-tone red one for Jackson, unless he requests gray for reality sake.

3. Toni had also made this darling little Turtle, that I also must have for the kids. I am intrigued by the shell stitch pattern on the turtle's back and like the idea that the turtle shell is like a pullover vest for the turtle. The pattern is called Sheldon by Ruth Homrighaus.

I love all of the colorways in the 3rd picture. I think I need to make one or each of the kids in their favorite color.



lol! Those are SUPER cute! I think i may want to add one of those to a package I am overdue to send out to my friend. Lion Brand has a little bird pattern. It's looks easy enough :P


forgot to tell you... I made tags for my knitted gifts.. I should send you a jpeg. I named my knitted "line" "ms. swan/bundles of joy" " handmade especially for your bundle of joy"..this should keep me knitting!!!

Chris and Holly said...

I LOVE these! I HAVE to make that elephant and turtle too! Thank you for sharing such an awesome pattern!

Toni From Cali said...

I just love all those Sheldons....I think I am ready for another.

Toni said...

Hi Sunny..I was so busy looking at those Sheldons in a row I didn't notice all the nice stuff you wrote about me in the blog!! Thanks... I really like your blog space and current projects.