Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mikey's "FEEN Yarn Jacket"

Mikey asked for a "Yarn Jacket like Jackson" but in "FEEN!!" (green). We checked 2 different Michaels and they were sold out of the apple green color that I wanted for his sleeves. After checking with my knitting buddies, Donna located a spare skein that she had left over from her Christmas stockings.

True to form, once I had that "feen" yarn, I had to start Mikey's jacket. EVEN THOUGH I haven't finished blocking and sewing Jackson's jacket first. EVEN THOUGH I will be using this project as the demo project for my class that starts in 2 weeks. I am justifying my early beginning as follows: I will not have time in class to do a lot of knitting, I also need to re-write the pattern for a size 3/4, I do not need to demo BOTH sleeves or BOTH fronts in class - just one of each, and my other projects aren't as portable for car rides right now.

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