Saturday, June 28, 2008

Frogs in my Future

I was browsing the toy patterns on Ravelry and found this darling frog pattern called Frog Prince by Emily Stoneking. After seeing this picture with frogs in every possible gauge stacked on top of each other, I decided I needed to make on (or two) for the kids. I especially love the ones where the eyes are giant in proportion to the frog.

I wanted to see what else this designer was offering and was completely shocked to find this Biology 101 pattern. What a crazy idea! I kept wondering what occasion I would ever have to make one of these guys. Incidentally she also has a lab rat pattern that is similarly disected. Anyway, I was showing these patterns to Jeff, and in walks my 5-year-old Jackson. He immediately fell in love. I showed him the picture of Sheldon the Turtle and the Frog Prince, and he said that he wanted the frog that he could see inside of more. Later, he told me that he wanted "a turtle, and a regular frog, and 10 dead frogs that he can see inside of so that he could see the heart and the blood and the other stuff, and a lab rat too please." I told him that I would make the turtle first, and maybe later I would make him a dead frog, but certainly not 10 of them. He gladly came with me to dig through my stash to find the green yarn that we could make all of these creatures with. The crazy thing is, If I end up making Jackson one dissected creature, chances are Mikey will want one in "feen" too. Maybe I can get them to share, since this guy will be "feen"

I thought it would be a while before I would start making Sheldon, but it seems I got the chance to start him sooner than later! I'm dreading the day when Jackson decides to bring his dead frog to pre-school for show and tell. . .

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