Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slithers is Born

Instead of knitting my Entrelac bookmark along with the group, and instead of working on one of my current projects (0f course), I decided to start something that I dreamed of the other night while on tons of cold medicine.

Jackson, my 5 year old, just started learning to read, and he is an animal fanatic. I have been wanting to make a bookmark for him. For Christmas I made him a 20 foot long stuffed snake that he drags around the house. While looking through my stash the other day, I noticed that one of my threads has the same colors as his snake, and thought I should try to make a snake or bookworm bookmark. I worked out the details during my long night coughing and trying to sleep. Here is the result.
Jackson was very excited to go to JoAnn's with me today to pick out eyes, and he wants to play with "Slithers" immediately, even though the glue isn't dry yet. My 3 year old has already put in an order for a "feen" (green) one. Slithers has bobble eyes, some face shaping to make im look dimensional, some leftover seed beads from the leaf bookmark for a rattle at the end (although you can't really see them), a couple of inches of 1/8" ribbon, 2 - 5mm googley eyes, and a bit of glue. I am happy with the result, although I'm afraid I scorched him a little bit while starching/ironing. The great thing about 5-year olds is they don't care about that kind of thing.

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Chris and Holly said...

Sunny! This is so awesome! This guy MUST be in your book one day. He's TOO awesome.