Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Washcloth Mania

I rarely wash dishes (thanks Jeff) and I rarely wash my face properly (I usually let the shower do whatever it can), so it's a wonder that I am getting addicted to knitting washcloths!

I started teaching a knitting course at a senior center downtown today. I was told that everyone would be at different skill levels and want to do different things. I wanted to start the class off making the same or similar projects, and I figured washcloths would be the way to go. The materials are inexpensive and available anywhere, and unlike a scarf, everyone can use them, even in the summer. Inexperienced knitters could work on garter stitch cloths while more experienced knitters could experiment with lace or cables, or colorwork or whatever.

So - I started making as many washcloth samples as I could find the time for. I pulled together my dishcloth of the month samples and went back into the archives to find some more patterns. I think I came up with a decent assortment of beginner/intermediate projects.

I overheard one of the ladies today saying "When I heard we were going to make washcloths, I thought - oh no, how boring, but THIS IS FUN!"

I've settled on teal ombre and lime for my washcloths going forward, that way I can have a pile in each bathroom, and even though the pattern will change, the colors will coordinate. Here are some pictures of the latest cloths. . .

These 3 lime green ones are all more intermediate. The first one is the Every Day, Any Day cloth. Based on the directions, I was surprised (in a good way) by the way the texture came out. It is nice and nubby. This is one that I would make again.

The second one is the Diamond Drop lace. I wasn't as thrilled with the way this made up. There is some lace-work on the wrong side and I like when working lace, to have the wrong side of purling be a break from counting.

The third one is the Lacy Diamond Washcloth. I liked this one better than the other diamond cloth. I was able to memorize the pattern quickly, and I was able to complete the whole thing on a short roadtrip to Santa Barbara yesterday.

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