Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ravelry Addiction

Wow! I am hooked! I signed up for Ravelry a couple of days ago, and sat down to fill out my profile today. The next thing I knew, I was obsessed with digging up photos of my recent projects to document. I even took photos of some of my work in process.

Within about 20 min. I got my first comment on a bag. It was awesome. What a great community. I hate to think how much time I'm going to kill once I dig into the patterns and other groups and forums!

1 comment:

william said...

Now I am totally new to knitting. I am teaching myself and I have one helluva long tail cast on. But I needed to be challenged and I wanted to be surrounded in organized chaos as I learn. Ravelry! It took about 17 days for me to get my invite and that rocks considering that there were well over 7000 people ahead of me.
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