Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pinwheel Blankie Pattern Adaptation

My first Ravelympics finished object, the Pinwheel Blankie is complete. It is an adaptation of Genia Planck's Pinwheel Baby Blanket pattern.

Here is the pattern for my version:

  1. Main Color: 1 cone Peaches & Creme yarn in "faded denim"
  2. Stripe Color: 150 yards of Peaches & Creme cotton yarn in "chocolate,"
  3. Tie Color: 35 yards of a contrasting color for the ties. (I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Charcoal, since it wasn't available in Peaches & Creme cotton)

  1. US size 11 circular needle in at least a 32" length. I used Knit Picks Harmony needles.
  2. Yarn Needle to weave in ends
  3. Size H crochet hook
Note: Entire blankie is worked using 2 strands of yarn at once. If you are working off of a cone, pop out the cardboard cone and work with the inside and outside end of yarn. To help eliminate tangling, thread the inner end of yarn through the small hole at the top of the cone of yarn, and re-insert the cardboard cone back into place.
  • Round 1: Cast on 5 stitches using 2 strands of the main color.
  • Round 2: Knit around using magic loop method (see Knit Picks tutorial). Place a marker to mark the beginning of the round.
  • Round 3: (m1, k1) x 5 around to marker [10 stitches].
  • Round 4: knit
  • Round 5: (yo, k1) x 10 around to marker. [20 stitches].
  • Round 6: knit
  • Round 7: (yo, k2) x 10 [30 stitches]
  • Round 8: knit
  • Round 9: (yo, k3) x 10 [40 stitches]
  • Round 10: knit
  • Round 11: (yo, k4) x 10 [50 stitches]
Continue this pattern of adding a stitch with a yarn over in each section until there are 230 stitches on your needle at the end of round 46. There are 10 sections, 10 more stitches are added on each yo round. At some point it will no longer be necessary to work in magic loop, and you will be able to extend your needle fully.

  • Rounds 47: Change to contrasting stripe color leaving at least 8" tails, and knit around.
  • Round 48: (yo, k23) x 10 [240 stitches]
  • Round 49: knit
  • Rounds 50: Change back to main color. (yo, k24) x 10 [250 stitches]
  • Round 51: knit
  • Round 52 - Eyelet round: yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) x 12 [260 stitches]
  • Round 53: knit
  • Round 54: Change to contrasting stripe color. (yo, k26) x 10 [270 stitches]
  • Round 55: knit
  • Round 56: (yo, k27) x 10 [280 stitches]
  • Round 57: Change to main color, knit around.
  • Round 58: Purl
  • Round 59: (yo, k28) x 10 [290 stitches]
  • Round 60: Purl
  • Round 61: Bind off in Knit
Weave in ends. If you are using cotton, weave them in 3 or 4 more stitches than you normally would, since cotton ends tend to poke out especially after washing.

With 2 strands of contrasting tie color and crochet hook, chain a lenth of cord that is the circumference of your blankie at the point of the eyelet row plus 12." Do not cut your yarn yet! Using the beginning end of the cord, weave it in and out of the eyelet holes. Be careful not to twist the cord as you work, and keep a nice even tension, so that it doesn't gather up the blankie (too tight) or look too loopy (too loose). Leave about a 6" tail of cord at the end. Chain more cord or unravel some to adjust length to 6" on working end. Cut yarn, weave in ends, and tie a bow.

I generally don't block my cotton blankies, but you are welcome to if yours needs it.


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